The name ‘TrAvZed’
was chosen to portray
ourselves. We are the
one stop for all travel
arrangements from A to Z.

Based on a deep appreciation for the beauty of the UAE, Travzed was founded by Ahmed Al Sheebani on Sep 2016.

Online B2B system

Offering a well-selected range of hotels and hotel apartments around the UAE . and Prioritizing quality control and customer support to ensure high level of service.

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To advance the pioneering efforts of Travzed, aiming to be a market leader in professionalism and business excellence within the tourism industry


To provide the finest quality of service, showcasing our unswerving dedication and commitment to culture ensuring total satisfaction for clients, associates and the team


  • Strategically located in the center of Dubai within a close proximity to Dubai international airport, Travzed is easily accessible to both clients and suppliers.
  • Using the latest technology as a backbone to deliver efficient solutions to our clients by employing the latest equipments and software striving to make operations run even smoother.
  • Providing our own fleet of vehicles ranging from Luxury to budget cars, vans and minibuses allowing us to maintain high standard transportation services.
  • 24/7 access to your online portal Processing UAE visas locally through an internal system connected directly to Dubai Immigration allowing for an easy application for any visa request with the minimal required supporting documents, easy monitoring system and fast processing time

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Our Services

We understand the Client’s needs and offers a comprehensive corporate / personal travel services solution that enables to optimize and manage your total travel budget. 

Travzed has a list of various well-chosen hotels and hotel apartments around the UAE, the selection is based on location, service quality, popularity and reliability.

Our link to Dubai Immigration system makes the process of obtaining a visa to the UAE quite simple, since we ask for the minimum required documents, reasonable fees and take little time to process the application.

Owning a fleet of budget automobiles, luxury cars, vans and minibuses was an essential target for Travzed in order to meet different client requirements.

Our Promise

Best Hotels Prices

We offer the best hotels at the best prices we have a list of well-chosen hotels and hotel apartments around the UAE, the selection is based on location, service quality, popularity and reliability. 

Best Service

Comprising of a fully qualified, dedicated and knowledgeable team to run our operations. and assisting guests with a 24/7 helpline to respond to whatever inquiry or information needed.

Benefits for Partners

We provide a cost-effective model, a B2B online system to help you optimize your revenue.
in additional to own a private well-maintained fleet of vehicles.

Any Questions?

We are always operating with a friendly and multilingual team on hand to assist 365 days a year. call us on +971 54 306 9100 for individual, tailored package or advice for your perfect stay 

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